The Bulletin Of KazNU. Series Of Oriental Studies.

ISSN: 1563-0226    Online ISSN: 2617-1864

The journal is included in the list of publications recommended by the Committee on control in education and science of MES. Periodicity – 4 issues per year, edition of 500 copies. The journal is distributed in the Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS and foreign countries.

The journal publishes research papers in the following areas: science, history, politics, and social development of the countries of the East, religious and cultural aspects of existence and of transformation of the societies of the region, and modern methodological approaches, theoretical and practical achievements in the field of Oriental studies of the Humanities and social Sciences complex.

Articles are accompanied by an external review of the supervisor or scientific consultant, internal review of the editorial Board members and independent experts who are not part of the editorial Board and conduct research in areas close to the subject of the article. All issues of the journal are placed on the electronic website of KazNU. al-Farabi.

The authors and readers of the journal are domestic and foreign scientists, University professors, practitioners, doctoral students, graduate students, undergraduates and students. The journal can be published by any author, regardless of place of residence, nationality and degree, who has not previously published material, not intended for simultaneous publication in other publications. Acceptance of articles for publication in the journal is carried out in a constant mode. Articles are accepted in Kazakh, Russian and English.


Managing Editor:

Turar Aidana Sabitovna

MA, Head of Indian Studies Division of the Middle East and South Asia Department

Tel: +77785273341